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TLC Aged Care @NGVI

Chunky Jam do it again.. this time for TLC Aged care.. once again to rave reviews!!!

Thanks TLC, NGVI and of course, to our management, Instinct Music!!


“Hi Rich,

Everyone was completely thrilled with the night! The only complaint was that it wasn’t long enough, so I’d definitely call that a roaring success. We did unfortunately run over with our speeches (I’ll never trust our ceo again when he says he’ll keep it short) but the band members handled it perfectly and professionally, and no one even noticed that anything was amiss.

Our guests have been raving about the band, they were extremely good at reading the vibe of the room and the dance floor was packed.

So now it’s time for a break and do some work that falls more in the realm of marketing. I’ll probably be picking up the 2016 Christmas Party around March, so you will most likely be hearing from me again relatively soon to see what we can do about organising either Chunky Jam or another band – we should probably mix it up a little so it doesn’t seem repetitive, but then again why mess with perfection?”

Julie-Anne Bayliss- Marketing Coordinator- TLC Aged Care