Corporate Events

Century 21St Australia Event : Chunky Jam Star

“Chunky Jam were amazing again, we all loved them, they got a lot of people on the dance floor and of course one person jumped on stage
with them, I wish they could have played for longer we all had a great time ?
We also had some late changes on the night, our CEO changed the order of things, but Chris and the band worked around these changes.
Thanks so much for organising them.”
         – Natasha van Leeuwen VIC Franchise Coordinator Century 21 Australia
Chunky Jam where kindly invited to perform for the Century 21 corporate event at the Park Hyatt. As always, The Park Hyatt crew looked after us well,
and the Century 21 gang showed us what it is all about on the dance floor. Massive thanks to Instinct Music who look after us so well.